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Mon Sep  9 11:30:16 CDT 2019

new post who dis.

welcome to day 11

I'm writing this post on Monday for a post that was supposed to be done yesterday.

That's okay though. I think that may be where I got overwhelmed the first time with this challenge. I was trying to do everything at once. Multitasking is impossible.

So you stalkers out there who crave post after post after post after post after post

(out of breath...)

This short series of posts is for you. Series also implies that they all might be connected in some form. They are all just being shared on the same day. On the surface, that's the only thing that will connect them.

I wanted to address a post that I had a few days ago about goals. Probably here and here.

One of my goals for this 100 days was to be working out as well. How is that part of coding? It is and it isn't. Sometimes I know I have to code but I don't limit myself to sitting at my computer and eventually I have a day where I've sat at my computer all day, and I haven't opened one file that contains code all day and I'm just sitting...wondering what the funk I should work on.

(I'm sliding in some alternate cuss words because they sound funny to say and it makes these posts nicer. In a nice way. I don't know how these posts are consumed. It could be getting read aloud by little Ezekiel to his family over dinner before they pray. Something like that)

I started climbing so that's all cool and well and good but I'm so sore. SO SORE. My entire body hurts. I took two days off but the day after climbing I went into the pool and did a bunch of resistance training.

If you ever want to work out but you don't want to work very hard or sweat, just get in a pool and walk out some laps. Boom. Easy workout turned hard, you don't smell bad and gravity free work out benefits you for life.

When we were injured in cross country our coaches would sometimes have us do work outs in the pool to get away from the gravity part of training - especially if our injuries were gravity induced.

I definitely think I need to start running again.

This is what happens when you start working out.

That's it though. That was the update. I'm going to become a spider on the internet and in real life.

Other than that my coding has been on this site. I started to update the homepage. Go check it out. Serious. Go.

It's got a button.

Super exciting right?

Get excited.


I think this is the farthest I've "officially" gotten for this consecutive days of code challenge.

yeah....that's mostly it.

Another goal I've decided on is trying to build some sort of data thing end to end. Like mess with technologies across the board. Become a dev of . . .

the full data stack!

Go back and read that in your most Transformer's-Trailer-Announcer-Voice if you didn't already. What's that mean? I am going to literally use SQL to pull data from a database, use python to organize, clean, and manipulate that data, then JavaScript to visualize that data.

Then eventually post that data on here somewhere.

That sounds like an amazing project but there are buttons that do this. This is the first step to learning how to make that button.

I can make it shiny later.