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Tue Sep  3 02:02:18 CDT 2019


you stalker.

Today I came back from vacation and played way too much Fortnite. Also I was in the sun all day and the traffic between here and Waco was actually kind of nuts.

I didn't do much for coding today. I saved it until the last minute, which I shouldn't have and I was completely aware that I was doing that and putting it off until I could barely look at a screen anyway.

So there's that. Don't put shit off.

I still do. We all do. But I'm not here to help you with that because that's a problem I have too. There's no quick fix to it by the way, the easiest way to get something done is to start it.

Today I did some Dataquest coding. If you don't know what Dataquest is (I find that hilarious, especially if you've been reading my posts this long and you've just been wondering..what's that thing we do when we don't want to wonder about something any starts with a G and rhymes with frugal..), it is a platform to "learn data science" complete with portfolio projects and everything.

Well yesterday I was messing around with boolean indexing. Today I decided I was going to practice more of that but on my own. So I started doing what I did for the exercise but I got some weird data from the data set and now I don't know how to continue.

I was finding how many taxi rides there were per month in New York (this is the data set provided in the project space on Dataquest) and there are reasonable sums for all the months up until July. July to December I got big fat honking zeros. Even when I ran the code outside of the function I made to find all of the months in one go...

yeah instead of practicing the method I learned yesterday on every month, twelve times, I came up with a function I could run through a for loop and get all the rides organized by month...automated practice is still practice.

So I hit the brakes because who knows. Not me.

I wanted to dive more into my goal making for #100DaysOfCode. There were some other things I forgot to mention that I want to include in this challenge for myself.

Right now the challenge rules (for myself) look like this:

1) Code/program/bang my head against a wall for around an hour
2) Write about what you did in a blog post (or complain)
3) Load post to website and update website
4) Tweet out a link to my blog post and the hashtag, #100DaysOfCode so I can feel validated by the auto retweet bots that follow me.

What I didn't realize yesterday when talking about goals was that this is the method for the next 100 days, no matter what I do.

The last time I completed 100 days of code though, I became a complete screen monger or someone who doesn't go outside much and looks at screens all the time, for entertainment or project-ing (the act of doing your projects, 'your' in the general sense but for you too stalker).

It may be a surprise to you but I used to be an outside person. I used to love to be in the sun. Now the sun hurts. I need/want to start including in my week/day some other things that get thrown to the side when I start making a habit out of coding everyday like exercising. I also need time away from screens to read or craft or do something that uses my extremities for something other than tickling a keyboard.

----These are the things that I used to do/or want to do but make excuses not to----

* play violin
* ride bike
* run
* walk
* craft (make things with another person's trash)
* read
* write
* draw
* color
* paint
* exercise

That's all I can think of right now. This week I am going to commit to doing at least one of those things daily. Even if it's for five minutes. I just want to add some other stuff to my plate.

Like when you're at the chinese buffet and you sit down to realize all the food on your plate is basically brown.