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Sun Oct  6 00:01:49 CDT 2019

so my client does this retreat for it's customers twice every year and normally I don't get invited so I have a whole week to myself and no work to do.

it's pretty nice.

well I screwed up somewhere and was a good boy and I got invited.

Just kidding this is a pretty amazing opportunity. customers have to pay loads and I don't even have to help, I'm supposed to go into this as one of the participants.

it's a week long life changing seminar. I think we're getting our lives on track or something.

my life is going to be changed.

my therapist will be out of a job. also she told me to try to have fun.

I'm not a huge people person. I'm just a normal sized one.

also I'm a little nervous because how is this going to change my life? you know? it's going to transform me!?


It's pretty awesome and I'm in Florida for that all week. My coding might take a hit but it's one of these things where it is like "do the things to chase your dream things" so I hope I have some time to put in coding however I have heard that I won't have any downtime at all and didn't bring any of my awesome textbooks that I have been coding with lately.

So this week's code might be screwy. And the posts might be equally screwy and wild. But I plan (try) to keep up with it as much as I can.

Days 29, 30, 31.

Did a little bit of coding today. Not much. Was traveling and socializing out with other humans.

Yesterday I spent most the day actually trying to use React code, which is JavaScript and you'd think it would work the same but it doesn't at all. What the actual H React?

My set up was all effed up and most of the tutorials I was searching through didn't really have a "how to set up react native" environment (ALSO: is react native the same as react? Just run locally?) without the tutorial skipping to what seemed like to me, pretty important parts that I would also have to separately research. So I guess the first goal with that is to get a working react environment.

I did some cool things with it the day before but only once and I couldn't figure out how to reproduce what I did.

So that was a huge bummer.

Also I wrote this super long stinking post about this other project I am doing and that was part of those days too. AND it has code in it I think.

alright. will admit that I am a little upset that I won't be able to get as much coding in this week because I was really having some momentum for a few weeks but this should really help with all of that other jazz.


I mean stick around figuratively. you can go do whatever and wait patiently for my next post.