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Sun 16 Jan 2022 08:57:08 PM EST

ny update 7

was going to attempt to write a process improvement blog post but turned out to be something else.

also had a hair thing..

but have been doing a lot of stuff - painting, cleaning, review.

not binging on terrible tv but.

eating up the three day weekend.

realized the other day about how many resolutions I truly carry into the new year but if I always bring it back down to review, it's easier to put some of those thing into perspective.

one of the reasons I didn't mean to make a coding/programming goal this year is because at the end of the year last year, I took a wild swing at doing something that definitely takes a lot of competent coding knowledge as well as a lot of confidence and I found that I was at a loss in the latter.

I did that, in effort to get started with coding somewhere again, somewhere that would feel like I'm gaining ground using these tools. but

coding can be fun. and sometimes the challenge of it can donate itself to that fun part of it's not too difficult. so this year I just wanted to find that fun again. have zero expectation for what I should build, what my portfolio should look like.

but I've found, maybe for the lack of binging hours of netflix (or something else, who knows) - that there are certain interests I've had with programming that I hadn't really fully fleshed out until there wasn't some sort of mission behind it.

This week, and including the weekend of the Cobra Kai...cleanse. I've probably put in 10 hours of..programming. Which is mainly reading documentation and writing things wrong but with no goal at all, it feels like I do have an interest in certain things I could build that would help me out that could look like portfolio projects but.

who knows. It's starting to get fun again though. So that's nice.

as these posts usually end with some sort of list, tonight I will include two. (Kind of a two birds with one stone thing).

Just so I can knock it off my process improvement :P checklist - under the foundation of Six Sigma is a strong Japanese way of life type undercurrent - from it's origins, it should be remembered that Japan championed process improvement methodology during the rebuilding of their country after World War 2.

Getting through the meat of the history behind agile thinking after all the laws and rules, and different types of PROCESS IMPROVEMENT strategies there is a list to follow five simple rules for your workspace (and they all start with the letter s in Japanse or English so that makes them fun and easy to remember) so here are the original characters, the pronunciations, and the English words in order that you should perform them:

  • 整理 - Seiri - Sort
  • 整頓 - Seiton - Straighten (or set in order)
  • 清掃 - Seiso - Shine
  • 清潔 - Seiketsu - Standardize
  • しつけ - Shitsuke - Sustain

To be brief, sort to remove what is not needed, straighten to organize effectively what is left, shine to upkeep your tools and your space (do you shine in your workspace? :) ), standardize - what tasks does your now organized, effective work space give way for you to flow on, and sustain, how much work goes into keeping all of these steps up and can certain parts be automated?

Or what have you, if it's your desk or workspace or even your laptop.

And in New Year's Resolution update fashion, some small wins:

  • Got to watch some snow fall: Huge underrated things - Warm beverages and comfy socks
  • Did my laundry.
  • Vacuumed
  • Exercised
  • Had a great idea-shower (anyone else get great ideas in the shower?)
  • Figured out how one of my outlet's work.