new years resolution stuff day uno

Tue 04 Jan 2022 11:13:49 PM EST

didn't plan on this but seems like a good idea. in hindsight hopefully too. as far as a resolution goes I literally have two picked. (well plus that other one about review or whatever..think it's in a blog post somewhere..)

Get my Green Belt Certification in Six Sigma and finish the (FREE) Google Analytics course.

Does it stress me out that I don't have a coding/programming/data science resolution?

Heck yeah it does.

Six sigma might be all the data I need this year or maybe it'll be a good start to some data-ing. And Google Analytics is another thing that's been on the back burner of my mind for awhile.

Oh before I keep chugging along here, what is Six Sigma -

From the book - "Six Sigma is both a methodology for a process improvement and a statistical concept that seeks to define the variation inherent in any process."

In short, Six Sigma is process improvement, or a methodology for quality control. It's very statistically based and I preach preach PREACH this kind of data tracking at work so I think maybe it's time I ate my own sock (or whatever the saying is) and get pedigreed in a system that is proven to work instead of trying to convince everyone I'm smart.

That's not the whole story there. Recently while totally-not-searching-for-other-jobs-I-could-do-(because-how-ungrateful-would-that-look-to-my-current-job-that-I'm-totally-grateful)-and-that-sound-interesting-to-me, I came across a group of similar jobs in a field I learned to be...

OPERATIONAL ANALYTICS (or operational research)

It's field, like how marketing or support is a field. It would be more of a division of a company, who's charged with improving standing processes. Which is something I already try to do at every job I've ever had! However, this isn't enough to get hired into the profession. Six sigma, because it's process improvement focused on client satisfaction and data driven really sounds right up my alley.

And apparently people pay you more when you have a certification. Who knew.

Second resolution, to learn Google Analytics. Why? Am I going to make super loads of money and get super data hot and seqsii?


Google Analytics is a tool basically everyone who has a site uses to interpret the traffic on their site, including yours truly. With having it on my site, its something I can experiment with and get a general sense of whats going on. Maybe I might be able to learn a lot and freelance with a company, maybe nothing will happen. Maybe something in between that will happen. I'm all for stuff happening.

So back today - I downloaded and read a few pages of the Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification textbook and reviewed the course videos I already took for Google Analytics (2 years ago O_o ). And all in all it took me around 30 to 40 minutes total. I went to the library, although I wasn't super focused, I didn't really learn a bunch of stuff I didn't already know and didn't take too many notes, I did the practice of all of it.

so that's a win.

thanks for reading.