This year accomplishment meant something very different and looking back i not only messed up on a bunch of stuff but i hit a lot of big baser personal milestones.

  • moved out to a new city, for a new job, where i knew no one prior to doing so, and had no roommates and got my first place by myself.
  • went on two solo vacations and a bunch not solo trips and they were all super awesome.
  • i wrote some blog posts
  • i've met amazing beautiful people and made and kept really good friends.
  • i've closed some cases at my day job and am doing an okay job of "not rocking the boat"
  • i got this job, it's salaried and everything. i know, adulting like it's my job.
  • i've learned a lot about communication.
  • i feel like some of my close friends are closer
  • by experiencing more, understanding less where i am in the universe but that's beautiful so idgafork.
  • i got to see blackbear in concert this year and it was so so so so so dope :)
  • i've learned to be more grateful this year, and just now understanding appreciation.
  • BOTH of my best friends play video games together with me now. huge huge win.
  • i was a LOT more vulnerable this year than i think i've ever been and that's totally in style now so get at me Brene Brown.

and probably a lot of other things I won't stop to give myself credit for this year. like maybe how all of those things happened in a pandemic (I hear something's going around, take your vitamin C please). And maybe how all of YOU did a bunch of seemingly small things that were in fact, the most of your big things.

Every year I get on how the new year kind of seems silly, something about planetary orbits, something else about universal expansion, so on and so forth but I am still in the practice of making resolutions.

Seems kind of hypocritical no?

In many of my non-new-years-resolutions-resolutions I tend to start them before the year kicks in, as a way to have some momentum into the new "orbital cycle". One that I have accidentally started was doing review. Super big mad cringe alert but reading back your own journal entries back from a year ago when you thought you would be road tripping around in a Tesla cybertruck..

well anyway.

It's good to get some perspective.

So while I don't really have a concrete resolution quite yet I think it's going to be pretty important moving forward to understand how I got here.

Thanks for reading.