What up stalkers.

You know what I've hated more than anything in the past 28 years of my life?

"The new year."

So we've decided to mark time by seconds, that accumulate into minutes, that accumulate into hours, that accumulate into days, weeks, months, quarters, seasons, years.

It's all bullshark. Straight uninhibited bullshark. (I didn't coin bullshark - credit where credit's due. (nature))

Also I saw something on the internet the other day (this is how most rumors start) that said if the months were named correctly and were in order by their correct names september would be the 7th month, October the 8th, November the 9th, and finally, December the 10th.

Time is arbitrary my fellow creepy web cretins. Super arbitrary.

Oh wait, you're saying that regardless, we've revolved around the sun and are in the same spot however many cycles of spinning around it took us to get back here?

Dang. Great point. Looks like you've got me there.


We're always moving. Our solar system is in space. And space is moving, as is our galaxy.

Have a looksee.


This animation isn't even correct. The sun definitely doesn't move in a straight line through space.

I have many issues with time, weekends, the 24 hour clock but in any case, I'm not coming up with my own way to measure time because that would be harder than all the hard stuff I'm doing right now.

Also I've been watching that gif for the past five minutes and I'm tripping out hard.


I'm back. It's been awhile. Like a snake I've shed a skin and emerged a new...snake.

So much new stuff has been happening. I got a new keyboard that's solar powered and has flat keys and is wireless. And another library card.

That's about it.

I'm starting a new challenge and it kind of goes along with this new opportunity I'm working on that I can't really say too much about but it rhymes with "Pie fought ta beta nanalifizz muhfrentishiff" so decode that and you'll figure it out.

I have to drill down and focus for the next few months on some specific technologies that deal with data analysis rather than just coding for coding's sake. Data Analysis is something I am serious about learning and I want to make sure I'm working on the right things.

Those things are Excel, SQL, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd....

(you'll never guess)


(did you guess? really? REALLY? good for you. creep)

Those are my marching orders. My goal has become to use every single one of those technologies once a day in a "analyzing data" kind of way. I started that today.

I kind of ran out of energy for this post and it's starting to get long and will get toooo long if I write about everything I did today so let me boil it down to a list of things I did today that I'll blog about later this week in greater detail.


1) wrote a script in python that opens themostdangerouswritingapp site and attached it to a one word alias in the terminal

2) started analyzing bike data (in Excel) from Vancouver about how many cyclists go over this bridge. <- This is actually kind of weird already, more later.

3) kept working through mode analytics' SQL tutorial - learning SQL syntax and stuff.