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Sat 08 Jan 2022 05:15:24 PM EST

day five of new years res

What up my web cretins, welcome to day five.

You'll notice (and if you didn't I'll just point it for spoiler's sake) that I did not have a day four of my new years posts.

I took a break. Wow wild huh? Yesterday after I got done working for the week, I closed my work laptop and proceeded to be of of no "productive" value to myself or anyone else. Even with exercising or sprucing up the apartment.

My whole plan was to completely let go and party down on a Friday night in kind of my own way and the entire time, try to not make myself feel guilty for being open to the "non-productive".

As I write this...I keep finding myself trying to justify this "taking breaks" but I don't really know how other than that I don't have to right?

Normally on a 'rest day', I secretly try to find other ways to be productive or even worse, I just stress about how much I'm not getting done. Or how if I wasn't out having fun, engaging in relaxing type activities how that might help me keep improving. I haven't written much about Six Sigma yet however Continuous Improvement is it's main ethos and part of mine as well.

Rest might be the improvement; taking time to forget about all the important/non-important stuff last night deliberately felt pretty damn good.

And this morning I was refreshed so much so that I dove into Six Sigma and read one thousand chapters and right after made breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and while eating wrote 500 lines of machine learning code and at the same time, was practicing violin. With my feet.

I joke. But this morning I started my Saturday by cleaning my apartment up, usually something I reserve for Sundays or right before a friend is coming over. And most importantly, I took it slow. Really slow. And the rest of the day, I ended up meandering over to the library and wading through some pretty boring chapters of the Six Sigma textbook (but still getting through two of them).

Taking it slow, relaxing. This is all new to me. I don't really get it yet. But in the past week three different people have advised or spoken of, slowing down, and twice, taking small bites.

Sometimes I think people in my life are consorting with each other behind the scenes, not to my demise but plotting in attempts to bring me up. A covert-mctopherganesh braintrust of sorts planting seeds of improvement in my subconscious.

I also like to imagine they do a potluck once a month.

Earlier this week I was kind of vibing on the concept of "getting the ball rolling" at work which has been working wonderfully. I am going to keep on with this sort of, very paced, very patient roll and try to bring that into everything I do. I know that sometimes I'll suffer the impatience of inaction or slowness so much that I might dive straight into something. But maybe that's part of it. Who knows, now I'm ranting.

Anywho, to finish this off, here are some small wins from yesterday and today

  • talked to my mother, what a wonderful lady
  • helped a friend move a table because I'm strong and stuff
  • had sweet potato fries
  • figured out an insurance thing
  • started a new book
  • had a dance party
  • made just the best cup of coffee this morning. seriously delightful. I tell ya.

Hope you all the best on your small wins and taking breaks too.

Thanks for reading.