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Wed Sep 25 03:42:58 CDT 2019

Welcome stalkers to day

23 and 22.

Lettuce begin.

This might be short. Here's why.

What I did yesterday for coding was work on my website all dang day.


Why would I do something like that?


Well. I found this job I wanted to apply to but my website landing page looked like


so I tuned it up a little bit. Tweaked it.

Look. Web development is probably easier than I make it. I was peeking at some React (which is a JavaScript framework I hear all the kids talking about on Twitter) and boy oh boy, you can store your html right into that jazz. This is all I remember:

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some_function = "<bunch><of><html><elements>"

# then you just call the function in your js


boom. look at all of that. What if I needed a bunch of a bunch of html elements you say?

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bunch = 10 # what's a bunch? about 10 or so? I would say in the range of that
for i in range(bunch):



So easy.

Anyway it would be for repeatable elements or some sort of animation stuff. Also all of that code up there is Python so it wouldn't quite look like that.

So what was I talking about?

Oh yeah. What I did on day 22. I put 8 hours into my flipping site.


Man this post looks trashy as hell. Also I don't even have Google Analytics set up yet so I won't even be able to tell if you clicked the link.

You sneaky sneakerton.


Anyway. I hardcode html and css like a boss. Also because I'm a complete noob and that's how noobs do things.

Like bosses...uh.

I was complaining the other day about how web devving takes some preplanning (what is preplanning? the planning before the planning? can't I just say planning? no. I'm too fancy).

I kind of came up with what I wanted. At one point I didn't really know what I wanted so I turned on a movie to help me think.

The reason I was cranking so hard on my website was I didn't want to apply to jobs with my site looking like it was. trash


I feel way better about it now. I might go back and change it but I think it looks much much much better.

Also my old index page is in the github repo for this site so if you want you can actually add that to the URL above and still see it but it's probably all sorts of messed up with all that fancy css I got added all up in there.

What else...ah yes.

When I finally pushed the changes to my website today, the changes didn't take immediate, because apparently the internet is slow or something.

I think my code has to go to Neptune and back.

I looked at my site and almost threw my computer at the wall. But then after cleaning up all the code and then taking a quick breather I refreshed the page once more any everything was fine. I didn't even push the cleaned code - which was just me deleting comments and formatting things to look nice.

Today I jumped into some Dataquest. I also used some code for work because I'm lazy.

I wanted to have a productive day like I did yesterday but I think I was productive-hungover or something. I was productive still but in a number of different ways.

Alright bye.