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Thu Aug 29 14:08:13 CDT 2019

I fell of the #100DaysOfCode challenge.

I'll be honest. Working towards doing this 100 days in a row without the promise of a job or something extrinsic to work towards is a little tough. My motivation to do this is honestly deep rooted in that I want it to become a habit but I also make a habit of being self defeatist about it at the same time.

I read the creator's (of the 100daysofcode challenge, he is by no means the creator of doing something for a 100 days in a row but kudos for starting the community) tweet once about how if you fail to consecutively code for a 100 days in a row, that you do not have to start all over. I think this is encouraging for those of us who do this challenge and have a thousand other responsibilities (kids, jobs, schools, commutes, whatever). I don't really have any of those responsibilities alas, no good excuse to not consecutively code for 100 days in a row.

At the very minimum, I could even count updating my blog everyday as coding because I manually add the html and change the blog roll page longhandedly (there is no spell check in jupyter notebooks, where I'm writing this right now, so that's a word here in this realm. Also I just started DFW's Infinite Jest and it's inspiring to create your own words where they're aren't any). But I don't count that because I'm a self sadist. Most people trying to learn how to do something on their own usually are.

I add the writing part to challenge myself to write everyday but I'm not sure that I want to make the writing part be about coding anymore because in a way, I feel like I'm trying to justify what I did that day with coding and sometimes it works against me in reverse: I feel as though I have to do something that I can justify in my writing. It's easier to just avoid this and carry on with my life.

I'm not sure how I will carry on with this challenge. It's actually pretty tough however from this point on I know that every time I miss a day, I'm just going to start over.

Because I feel like no one presents their failures like that and how big of a deal to "fail" this challenge?

Oh...and about the coding. I worked on the navbar of my website yesterday and I'm now thinking that having a "home" page, a "project" page, and an "about" page feels super redundant. I'm not really sure how to lay it out.

If you read these, let me know what you think if you actually go to my website. I am really thinking about making the home page like an informal cover letter/resume type of thing. Blarg.

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