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Thu Sep  5 02:00:17 CDT 2019

What's up stalkers it's the second day


of my 100 days of code challenge. I know what you're thinking already.

"How does he know what I'm thinking, and that I'm thinking in italicized text, AND does he even outline these blog posts before he writes them?

I can't reveal the answers to your first two queries you strangely predictable lurker but I can answer the third.

Not at all. (This is all just my intro. I just write bs until I think of something else.)

I'm just kidding. I usually start with an idea and hope to some religious deity that I can get half a page or so out of a solid rambling.

Anyway. Today I coded. I coded the crap out of the coding. Man I was coding so hard that I was seeing and breathing and eating the code. I was sleeping the code and standing the code. I was coding the code man.

In all realness I went to the library after I got done working for the day and tried to do some Dataquest but apparently a bunch of high schoolers decided to go to the library too and they didn't even work on their homework. They all just chatted it up at a level that's pretty normal for high schoolers and completely inappropriate for the library and anyone trying to read a book.

Also my computer died and I forgot the power cord so I was trying to read some books I found on the shelves. At one point I was sitting near the hooligans and I tried playing that anti-mosquito noise on my phone, super high frequency noise that is supposed to bother the hell out of teens. Well turns out I can hear it too and I couldn't stand it long enough to see if it affected any of them.

I ended up watching some Brene Brown videos. She talks about shame and vulnerability and she definitely knows her stuff. I recommend anything and everything she's ever done. I'm listening to one of her books right now called "Dare Greatly." The narrator (not Brene) is terrible. I'm thinking about downloading the audio and trying to figure out how to change it with my dope code skills (read: my googling skills).

Whence upon arriving home I suddenly had a hankering to jump into the python book called "Cracking Codes with Python" by Al Sweigart. He's got a few books that are pretty awesome for just starting with programming and guess what?

Did you guess yet? Did you guess that they are all free online right here? Dang good guessing. You're so smart you creeper you.

He's got books on making computer games, automating stuff, and coding with Minecraft. Pretty nuts. It's all there, online. For free.

And people be all like "how do I learn programming"


I've taken a look at the Cracking Codes with Python before and because it didn't teach high level cryptography hacking I kind of dismissed it. Then tonight it dawned on me that I don't know shrimp about cryptography and that's kind of becoming a big deal in today's world whether your cracking codes or not. I really don't know where the urge came from. I think it was my second coffee kicking in from earlier.

So yes, tonight I actually spent my "coding" time coding. And decoding. The book suggests you make your own Cesar Cipher wheel so I did so.

Let me just stop here and say that I wrote this whole post based on that line I just used above, "spent my coding time coding" and after writing it I realized it's so lame. So lame.

Anyway. That's about it. It seems fun and I just got to another section with a pretty short script that kind of goes along with the code I put in my post yesterday.

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# it's a reverse cipher

message = "This message is going to be encoded soon"
translated = ""

i = len(message)-1
while i>=0:
noos dedocne eb ot gniog si egassem sihT

Dang. I wonder what the code says. Maybe if we put it in the script, the script can tell us...

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def reverse_cipher(message):
    i = len(message)-1
    while i>=0:
    return translated

print(reverse_cipher("noos dedocne eb ot gniog si egassem sihT"))
This message is going to be encoded soon

More like decoded if you know what I mean.

That's about it. I just got bored of writing.