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Sat Aug 31 00:55:44 CDT 2019

Check my new naming convention out. It's one that I made up for my freelancing QA gig. Many of our tests start with having unique email addresses and the way we do that without creating umpteen email addresses is adding an alias or "label" to our gmail accounts like so -

I hope I just blew your mind.

If I didn't you're probably so smart and deserve a bag of trolli brite crawlers (best candy of all time).

So now I'm going to name my second set of days that I've already covered in my first set of trying this 100 days of code challenge with that same naming convention. Oh I forgot to finish talking about why that works. the system that we make purchases through (and gmail's inbox) recognizes and as two different emails and why wouldn't it? super different.

As you can see I'm writing day 2's post on what day 3 should be but the coding got done yesterday.

Alright so all the coding I did today was mostly html and css. Front end coding sucks. It's so tedious and there are no errors to tell you what you're doing wrong. Python yells at me when I mess up. I love that. It even uses an arrow to tell me where my error is.

Today I was trying to change the color of an element and it wasn't changing. I really don't know why. I don't understand this kind of thing at all. However, I did realize about an hour into trying to resolve this problem that I know how the DOM prioritizes CSS. <- I don't know what I'm saying there but I did read something once that I remember talking about how CSS is read in the browser and that the HTML is read first. So if you throw your style into your HTML element, it will take precedence over your .css file. So that's what I did, I threw in a bunch of style="" attributes into my HTML and that seemed to do the trick.

Also some of my coding was done early this morning (read: 3 to 5 am). I was following a tutorial in a book that I more like the name of than anything else, Impractical Python. Yesterday I wrote some code that makes an alias name from two tuples filled with names. What I really learned though was how to write that code so it adhered to PEP 8 formatting rules and how to use pylint to figure out what needs to be added so it can follow those rules.

Alright. That's it for tonight.

Good night stalkers.