I know what you're thinking

Alright maybe this time I don't. I didn't tweet out the last few days of posts but they're up. Also I was going to write about how I've actually been posting on the night before the next day but usually writing into the night into the "technical" next day (for central time zone). So it's like I've been a day ahead this whole time.

This fricking challenge is challenging. The challenging part for me now is the dread I feel when the end of the day is coming up and I have not coded yet.

Look here. I've been coding for four years now and I've realized a bunch of shrimp.

I haven't really made my own crap. It's hard to know what to build. Well I guess it's hard to know anything. Statistically you're probably wrong.

So that's a good starting point. I don't know what's good to build. I watch people talk about the awesome things they build on Twitter or that they're building an AI that writes poetry and music that is also made in a new JavaScript framework and they're on day 1 of the challenge.

I don't know how people get motivated to build things that already exist. Also though...

I'm afraid to build bad shrimp.

Being afraid sucks.

I know I am really ready for my first programming role/position/job but I'm afraid of building something dumb.


I'm statistically wrong about things sometimes.

I want this challenge to be about building my own shrimp.

Or trying to be brave enough to build my own things.

ugh I'm already stressed out.

Today I didn't really work on anything until I started writing this because I knew I needed to code. I did totally avoid it all day but I did climb and I found a new library that I will be a member of by tomorrow.

The Frisco public library has it's stacks on the fourth floor of a city building. With cubicles and those desks with built in lamps that you literally see in every movie that has a library scene in it. You know what I'm talking about.

The plan then, tomorrow is to wake up, go to that library. Code my face off.

And work on something that is mine.

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