Christopher Ganesh McMahon

Self taught programmer with professional experience building browser testing automation tools. Proficient in Python scripting, web scraping, and data analysis.


Hey there and welcome to my website! I made this website with my own two hands (and the help of some HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap). I've been teaching myself programming for about four years now. Currently I've been focusing on building my data analysis skillset (by way of Dataquest and other personal data projects) and learning how to craft data visualizations in JavaScript.

When I'm not coding, developing, programming or doing analysis on data I'm thinking about it. I currently freelance as a QA Analyst and in my free time I'm reading, climbing, writing/blogging or drinking coffee. I'm from Wisconsin originally but have lived in Colorado, Florida, and am now presently living in Dallas, Texas.

Current Projects

Data Analysis Apprenticeship

I am currently a data anlayst apprentice! Here are some of the projects I've completed for the apprenticeship.

Site Workflow

This is a repository where I show how I approach problems releated to working on this site.

100 days of code challenge

On my second time around with the challenge. I originally made this website to house the blog I am posting to for every(read: most) days of the challenge.

Data Visualization with JavaScript

A No Starch Press book I'm working through that is providing me plenty of opportunities for additional side projects, one of which I built is a data processing tool that translates data into a JavaScript array with Python.

Fortnite Game Data Analysis

Fortnite individual game data is not saved but presented at the end of each game. I (manually) collect that data and mine it for insights.