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Thanks for coming, this is my site (ooo, ahh). I have used all open source tools to develop it; here's the code. I have more than a decade of direct customer service experience, from serving food to telemarketing to presently information technology. If hired, I would obsess about eliminating waste, producing effective and efficient communication pipelines, and eventually automating myself out of the position. I am a self taught (the internet was my teacher, thanks internet) Python programmer and work with tools like SQL, JavaScript, Linux, and HTML/CSS (as you are seeing).

projects <

python tool to for creating email addresses

Discord data collection and reporting bot

more on github

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The blog is where the shenanigans live. The posts are for your entertainment and for my... educational review. Thanks for reading and it's always being updated. The more coffee I have the better.

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My full name is Christopher Ganesh McMahon and mctopherganesh is my late high school era idea of a brand name for myself and I ran with it. At my core, I love efficiency and originally this is what led me to programming. I am currently studying machine learning and on the side exploring video editing, space architecture, (other) programming stuff, and many other things. Please feel free to email me any interested inquiries. I put a button below so you wouldn't have to type it. Thanks for stopping by!